This is a little tutorial on how to pack the BeoSound 9000 stereo for a secure worldwide shipping, using an original B&O box.


Before you start you should remove any accessories that might be mounted on the device (vertical/horizontal wall bracket, table stand, etc).  The polysterene parts in the box sit firm around the stereo so there's not enough space for these things.


 1. insert the long, flat polysterene piece below the glass door:






2. one of the small polysterene parts goes on top of the stereo:




3. the other one on the other side:



make sure they both sit firm:



4. then take the large box, place one of the foam sheets in there:






5. place the stereo (with the foam blocks in place) in the box:






6. put another sheet of foam on top of the stereo:





7. place the two large polysteren blocks on top of the stereo, make sure the flat side secures the glass:



Congratulations, your precious BeoSound 9000 is now perfectly secured for a world wide shipping!



Brand new original boxes are available here: 


Remember that even the most expensive shipping box is guaranteed to be cheaper than getting the stereo fixed...